Commercial & Domestic Awnings

Traditional Straight Drop Awnings
CP Straight Drop Awnings are great to cover in verandahs, patios and pergolas.
Operated as a spring roller or crank driven gear box control and secured with bottom hold down straps, this affordable solution is ideal for protection for your outdoor entertaining area.

Automatic Lock Arm Awnings
CP Auto Awnings are an affordable Sun Control Solution, cooling down your house in the harsh Australian climate.
This popular awning is spring loaded to assist with tension and operates on side guides with self locking arms.
Available in screen mesh, acrylic and block out canvas fabrics.

Pivot Arm Awnings
CP Pivot arm awnings are designed to suit areas where the awning needs to project away from the building to assist with ventilation and ideal for high elevated window coverage.
Protect and add value to your home or business with our premium style pivot arm awnings

Track Guided Awning Systems
CP Track Guide Awnings ensure your privacy and protection with the edges of each blind neatly running in side tracks.
Operation is by spring, manual crank drive or motorisation.
Blinds can be secured and locked down to guard against high winds.
Protect against the elements and enhance the look and feel of your home or business.

Wire Guide Awnings
CP Wire Guide Awnings are a contemporary style option to provide shade and protection to your outdoor area.
Operated by manual crank or a remote controlled motor, the wire guide blind guides down tensioned stainless steel cable positioned at each side of the awning.
Ideal for high wind areas the blind can be stopped at any level or drop to the fully down position.

Folding Arm Awnings
CP Folding Arm Awnings are ideal to provide retractable shade and protection to your patio or outdoor entertaining areas.
Operated by manual crank or motor control the awning is supported by extremely high spring tensioned arms.
Hinged arm joints allow the awning to retract back to the wall for protection against high winds.
Wind and sun control sensor options are available in motorisation control.

Fixed Canopy Awnings
Copelands & Pickers range of Fixed Canopy Awnings are suitable for both domestic or commercial applications, providing shade and protection over windows or shop front areas.
Available in a number of styles including wedge shape, rectangular, or eyelid style, custom made to suit the coverage required.
Acrylic canvas or gloss coated PVC materials with optional sign writing available.

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Fabric Range

Screen Mesh
This revolutionary awning fabric is the most popular of all materials.
A woven mesh construction allows you to retain your view, allow light in whilst filtering the sun’s damaging UV rays.
Providing shade and keeping you cool in summer.
Available in a range of plain and striped colours.

Acrylic canvas
100% Acrylic canvas is a durable and stylish fabric used for outside use to provide sun and solar protection.
Used in the marine and awning industry acrylic canvas has an extensive colour range to select from in both plain and striped fabrics.

Traditional canvas offers 100% block out and provides full protection from the elements.
This long lasting canvas is available in a range of plain and striped colours.

Clear and Tinted PVC
Premium quality clear and tinted PVC is a popular option for enclosing any outdoor area
PVC blinds are fully transparent allowing unrestricted views whilst blocking out the elements.

Gloss Coated PVC
A solid PVC material used with covering fixed awning canopies.
Available in plain colours and suitable for sign writing